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Character name: Castiel
Character journal: [personal profile] to_rebel
Series name: Supernatural
Canon notes: 10x3, on his way back to the bunker, before Adina's attack on him at the convenience store
*Note: Castiel is slowly dying at this canonpoint. I have intentions of canon-updating at a later date.

Species: Angel

History: A history. Thank you wiki

To put it mildly, Castiel will never come across as quite human. He has quirks and foibles that will always mark him as something a little difference, though it's sometimes hard to pinpoint those quirks. Other times, like when he's staring through someone and not quite getting something as human as sarcasm, they're a glaring beacon. He's quiet and reserved, for the most part, not prone to emotional outbursts -- and a big part of that is that he was created as a soldier, expected to remain emotionless and simply follow orders. He still holds a large part of that personality; he was that soldier for thousands (millions, even) of years. That programming is not going to change drastically.

Through association with humanity (and with Winchesters specifically) Castiel has picked up on sometimes over the top sarcasm and generally deriding remarks. Coupled with his air of impatience -- a holdover from his "I am an angel of the Lord and you will listen to me" days -- he can come across as uncaring and rude. That's honestly fine by him; if someone brings out that side of him, they deserve to be treated a little roughly. Cas, though, honestly wants the world to be a better place. It's what he's fighting for and he'll sometimes go out of his way to try to help someone. As an amnesiac with angelic powers, he neatly and readily fell into the role of a healer. That he did so says much about who he'd like to be, but he can't always be that person.

Once upon a time, the Scribe of God, Metatron, 'downloaded' the entirety of the media he'd consumed on earth into Castiel's mind, so Cas can often understand references when people are speaking with him, but he can't always use them himself. For example, he might understand someone's reference to the Death Star, for example, but not be able to relate it to the conversation -- or, on one occasion, angrily demand of a grieving witness to a grisly murder for details because he thought he was playing the 'bad cop' to Dean's 'good cop.'

Castiel has a tendency to put others ahead of himself, to think of the good of others (ie Winchesters especially) before his own good. He takes his responsibility as a guardian very seriously. (Later in canon, he told Dean off for suggesting that he let his vessel's daughter go and forget trying to reach out to her.) That he is stubborn about his self-appointed responsibility is an understatement. In fact, whatever decision Castiel makes, it would take nothing short of a miracle for him to change his mind.

Though he'd like to be nothing more than a helper and healer, Castiel is too much of a soldier to ever change -- and sometimes that means taking some questionable actions. He's done things that he regrets, but even some of these things, he cannot see another option. At his canonpoint, he's stolen another angel's grace -- the essence of what an angel is, which grants them their power -- and killed that angel to escape imprisonment and death. He hates that he's done this, but cannot, even in retrospect, find another way out. He's willing to set aside morals for the greater good and he hates himself a little more every time. At his canonpoint, that stolen grace is burning out and he tends to see it as a fitting punishment. He's prone to self-deprecation and even, as he phrases it sometimes, penance for his actions. The grace he's stolen slowly killing him is just and he will not ask for help.

Admitting to weakness is not easy for Castiel and the only time he's ever done so is when one of the Winchester brothers asks him directly about it. Before Castiel cut ties with heaven and rebelled, he was an Angel of the Lord and none were more powerful than him. Given, though, that several beings were, this isn't quite a true statement.) He can sometimes be abrasive or abrupt in his refusal to talk about himself.

Castiel has come a long way since his days as an all-powerful and all-abrasive being. He has a little more patience -- nowhere near an infinite supply, of course -- and he's a little more accustomed to human interaction. He can almost function in society without too many weird looks tossed his way. He's less abrasive and more understanding as time goes by, but he's always going to be that not-quite-human being who doesn't quite work in society.

::skilled with most bladed weapons, especially a long dagger/short sword
::enhancing strength/endurance, though this is somewhat muted at his canonpoint.
::limited telekinesis (again, limited by the canonpoint)
::knowledge of spellwork/dead languages
::healing of self and others

*To note: while angels in canon have a wide array of abilities, most of them, including Castiel, tend to rely on enhanced strength and blades to fight. At Castiel's current canonpoint, most of his abilities are rather limited.

Augment Skillset: Security
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